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SWS delivers comprehensive service to our distributors , while offering cost-effective dialysis machine. SWS support field services, helping our distributor to control maintenance , decrease the dialysis risk and create more value for distributor and the dialysis center.

How to become our distributor

SWS welcome the distributors from world wild  to cooperate with us .
1. The distributor better have the experience in the dialysis field or the field related .
2. The distributor should have the sales network for dialysis machine.
3. The distributor should sell the machine on the quantity we both agreed within one year .
4. The distributor should have the engineer which trained by sws.

Warranty Policy

SWS warrants to the distributor that the  parts  are free from all defects or deficiency in design, material, workmanship for a period we agreed  from the date of shipment. The distributor shall be responsible for any services to End Users.
For in-warranty period , the distributor is responsible for noticing SWS the problem of the machine via email ,online talking or telephone or fax ,when SWS confirm the problem caused reason , SWS will send the new parts to the distributor ,and distributor responsible for all after sales service.

The following items are excluded from coverage by the warranty
1.  Any damage which results from operation other than specified in the Operators Manual, either intentionally or by error, or repair or maintenance by anyone other than SWS  Service Representative or an authorized SWS representative.
2.  Any damage which results from neglect or malpractice of the periodic maintenance specified by SWS. 
3.  Any damage resulting from improper storage or transport.
4.  Any machine already past the warranty year.

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